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Welcome to issue number 16 of the Calix Newsletter

Welcome to issue number 16 of the Calix Newsletter

As 2015 draws to a close, the team at Calix is not only justifiably proud of what they have achieved during the year, but also excited about the many new opportunities for the business in 2016.


Dr Phil HodgsonPhil Hodgson, CEO

Amongst many business successes, 2015 saw the opening of our Magnesium Hydroxide Liquid (MHL) production plant in Queensland, the execution of a large contract for supply of Magnesium Hydroxide Liquid (MHL) to Goulburn Valley Water (GVW), the set-up of our joint venture in the Philippines and the initial success of our modified water treatment product (AQUACal+™) for aquaculture, the success and growth of our sewer protection product (PROTECTA-Mag™), and the winning of several technology awards, including the Australian Technologies Competition – Best Technology Company for 2015.


Another major highlight of 2015 was the progress with our Low Emissions Intensity Lime and Cement (LEILAC) project. We were awarded, leading a consortium comprising of industry leaders Heidelberg Cement, Cemex, Tarmac and Lhoist, a 12 million euro grant from the European Commission to build a demonstration plant in Lixhe, Belgium. Subject to final consortium agreements, the Project is scheduled to start on January 1, 2016.

As we look ahead to 2016, we anticipate the growth of our European operations, anchored by the LEILAC project, and several more Asian opportunities in the pipeline, along with the continuing success of our domestic business and expansion of our core technology to new applications.

On behalf of Calix, I wish you all a safe, enjoyable Christmas and New Year and a happy and successful 2016.


We view these awards as recognition of the success of our product technologies, our focus in research and development along with the level of service we provide to our clients.


In October 2014, we were inducted into the Australian Technologies Competition’s Hall of Fame, as we received the Australia Technology Award (Water category) for our ACTIMagTM product. The Australian Technologies Competition is seeking Australia’s best companies in the technology sector. The Competition was first run in 2011 as a way to identify the best ways of promoting and helping emerging technology companies. In October 2015, we won the Food and Agri-Tech Award and the overall Best Technology Company of the Year Award at the 2015 Australian Technology Competition for our BOOSTER-MagTM foliar spray (an environmentally-safe spray that helps plants fight disease without the need for toxic or expensive chemicals), and were also finalist in the 2015 Premier’s NSW Export Awards.


Company CEO, Phil Hodgson said “We are thrilled to be named Technology Company of the Year and to have gained the experience from the Business Accelerator program. For us, this isn’t about winning an award; it is an opportunity to get practical assistance and coaching to improve our business.” Earlier in the year, we won an Australian Water Association Innovation Forum Award for our PROTECTA-MagTM product, along with the Australian Business Award – Best Technology Product for the same product.

We are also very pleased to have achieved the ISO9001 Certification for the development, manufacture and supply of mineral products during the year. We also recently learned we had been named in the Top 30 Global Cleantech Cluster Association (GCCA) Awards for our ACTI-MagTM product.


These awards evaluate cleantech industry companies with a proven track record in their home market, and the goal to expand internationally. What do these awards mean? It means that you can be confident that we will do everything we can to ensure Calix’s technologies and services always exceed expectations. We will never stop trying to do better, to set new standards for technical excellence and innovation, and hit the highest standards for customer satisfaction.


Sewer Asset Protection with PROTECTA-Mag™

 Sewer Asset Protection with PROTECTA-Mag

Calix is introducing cost-effective sewage manhole corrosion. Our purpose-built vehicle-mounted rig has been developed to spray PROTECTA-Mag™ in sewage manholes. In these Vertical Spray Operations, the assets can be quickly, safely and cost effectively protected from acid corrosion. Work is carried out without stopping the sewer flow and without the need for confined space entry.


The asset is first cleaned with high pressure water and then coated with Calix’s PROTECTA-Mag™ – a specialised magnesium hydroxide coating product developed by Calix for long lasting corrosion protection.


Watch the Manhole coating process video, click here >>


Calix also protects large diameter sewer pipes using PROTECTA-Mag™. PROTECTA-Mag™ has been used to coat and protect more than 10 kms of Sydney Water sewer pipes over the past 8 months. The coating is very resilient and withstood a one in 50-year storm event the day after it was applied. Calix has also recently coated a very important and critical Melbourne Water sewer line. A heavy rain event occurred immediately after the coating was completed. The coating withstood the excessive flows through the asset.


European Project LEILAC Update

European Project LEILAC Update

Our submission for 12 million euros in grant funding for our Low Emissions Intensity Lime and Cement (LEILAC) project was successful, and subject to final consortium agreements, should commence early next year. The successful outcomes of the Paris Agreement on climate change will provide a boost to our work on emission reductions in many industries.


Meanwhile, we have continued to work on both the DECC and EU ASCENT programs to extend our technology into C02 capture from power generation.


Calix is also pleased to announce its first export of specialty grade magnesium oxide to Europe. The 20-tonne shipment represents a great opportunity to build our overseas presence in high value, specialty markets.


BOOSTER-Mag™ for Agriculture

 BOOSTER-Mag™ for Agriculture

BOOSTER-Mag™ is a new product being developed by Calix for use in agriculture globally. BOOSTER-Mag™ is applied to crops as a foliar spray; the concentrate is diluted with water and sprayed onto plant leaves using conventional farming equipment. Lab studies undertaken in France have found that BOOSTER-Mag™ suppressed powdery and downy mildews, two very common fruit diseases which cause significant economic losses to farmers around the world.


In fact, they found BOOSTER-Mag™ performed as well, or in some cases substantially better, than the current products on the market. The University of NSW recently confirmed BOOSTER-Mag™ had similar mite repellence to pyrethrum, which is very important, as a huge amount of agricultural damage is caused by mites.


Field trials have also been undertaken on crops including banana, pineapple, cassava and grape exhibiting moderate to severe fungal, and sometimes severe insect, infestation. The observations have been uniform; insect mite infestation eliminated; fungal disease on affected plants arrested and the development of new healthy foliage and fruit from, in some cases, near dead plants.


BOOSTER-Mag™ is highly differentiated, low cost, safe, and environmentally beneficial whilst providing remarkable plant health, pest and pathogen control benefits. BOOSTER-Mag™ has enormous global market potential and the business is working hard to bring the product to market. This includes working with Government regulators to obtain the required approvals for use on food crops and establishing partners in our target markets overseas to promote and sell the product.

Edward Barnett – Company AccountantINTRODUCING

Edward Barnett – Company Accountant


Ed joined Calix in December 2011 as Accounts Clerk. Working as part of the accounts team, he focused on project accounting, accounts payable and building reports for business development and project managers. Ed holds a Bachelor of Science with a focus on mathematical physics from Macquarie University. He started his career working in the accounts department at Lombard Finance where he was responsible for oversight of a subsidiary, setting up accounting systems and month-end reporting.


In late 2010, he completed a Graduate Diploma of Financial Management before he left for Nepal and spent some time volunteering and hiking in Himalayas to Everest Base Camp. Upon his return, he undertook a Masters of Professional Accounting through Sydney University, which he recently completed.


Today Ed works as the Company Accountant, providing day-today accounting functions, processing new orders and invoices, tracking revenue and expenses, management reporting and cash flow forecasting. He has also enrolled in the CPA (Certified Practicing Accountants) program to keep developing his knowledge and expertise. Recently married in August 2015, Ed loves hiking with friends and spending time with his wife Kari and family.