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Revolutionary agricultural solution for increased yield, more efficient fertiliser usage, insect / pest management, and fungal control.
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Calix BOOSTER-Mag Product | Agriculture

A revolutionary concentrated mineral foliar fertiliser for optimal vitality and yield

BOOSTER-Mag Eco FriendlyAgriculture | TreeApplying BOOSTER-MagApplying Foliar Spray

BOOSTER-MagTM is a safe, low cost, environmentally sustainable and easy-to-apply foliar spray that can improve productivity and natural resistance to pests and diseases. 


BOOSTER-MagTM has been manufactured using Calix’s proprietary “mineral honeycomb” magnesium oxide, a novel, nano-active material already demonstrating remarkable results in sewer and waste water, biogas, and aquaculture applications.



Optimal yield and plant vitality. Healthier plants with optimal natural resistance to diseases and pests. Demonstrated potential for lower production costs through reduced chemical inputs (fertiliser and crop protection products).



Applied as a diluted foliar spray (1-5% v/v) using conventional agricultural spray equipment.

No leaf-burn (even at ten times the recommended dose).

Rain-fast: good adhesion to leaf surfaces and resistant to wash-off.


Orange TickSAFETY

Non-toxic to humans, animals, fish and plants (non-phytotoxic).

BOOSTER-Mag is non-hazardous and non-dangerous according to criteria of Safe Work Australia.



Environmentally beneficial and poses no accumulative risk.

Certified organic in livestock and certification pending as a foliar fertiliser in agriculture.

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