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Calix AQUA-CAL+ Mineral Conditioner for Wate Column and Pond Bottom Systems

AQUA-Cal+ Mineral Conditioner for Prawn Aquaculture


Mineral Conditioner


Water Column and Pond Bottom systems



Current difficulty in culturing



Current difficulty in culturing





Bottom Sludge


Bottom Sludge



Typical Probiotic Procedure (lined pond)


Typical Probiotic Procedure (lined pond)



The Problems with Probiotics

  • Requires water clearing process
  • Wastes probiotic feed
  • Consumes a lot of energy and effort
  • Causes environmental pollution
  • Causes cross-contamination of ponds



Culturing with AQUA-Cal+


Weekly dosage of Aqua-Cal+ (4 kg/1000 m3 water)


Culturing with AQUA-Cal+


Pretreatment (20 kg/1000 m3 water)


  • Mix with 5 parts of water
  • No sludge drainage
  • Less water exchange frequency



AQUA-Cal+ is:


AQUA-Cal+FDA approved Food Grade Magnesium Hydroxide slurry with unique honeycomb structure particle, very high porosity and surface area.


This product is produced by patented high-tech nano-technology.


Struvite mechanism of AQUA-Cal+


Struvite Mechanism of AQUA-Cal+




  • Clarifies water
  • No for need sludge drainage
  • No need to exchange water so frequently
  • Save energy, time
  • Builds a green water system, rich in natural feed for shrimp

  • Helps controls pathogen in a good way


  • Requires water treatment
  • Daily drainage
  • Daily water exchange, up to   20% day
  • Consume energy, effort
  • Requires clear water system

  • The only feed is synthesized

  • Does not help control pathogen, disease

  • Disease occurred easily if not controlled well



AQUA-Cal+ Benefits


AQUA-Cal+ Benefits

  • Reduced ammonia, nitrite
  • Reduced phosphate
  • Improved pH, alkalinity


Reduce water stress, so shrimp grow-out is faster and healthier

AQUA-Cal+ Benefits


An unique method to control sludge build-up, H2S and pathogen.



AQUA-Cal+ and Earthen Pond


  • Suspended solids and iron in the water are flocculated onto the AQUA-Cal+ particles.  Improve clarity and reduces turbidity, leading to increase in DO concentration
  • It is possible to increase shrimp stock density in earthen ponds
  • Improves pond bottom health
  • No need to do sludge drainage
  • Solve toxic gas problem (nitrite, hydrogen sulfide…) which can occur with intensive/ultra-intensive density
  • No need to exchange water frequently
  • Controls disease effectively



AQUA-Cal+ and the Farmer

Provides a new green culture technique and increases revenue for the farmer