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Press Releases


Archive (prior to 2016)

Calix Nano-active materials

in collaboration with Australian Synchotron, supporting commercial innovation.


15 September 2016


Calix Limited accessed the Australian Synchrotron through the NISA scheme to investigate the properties of its nano-active powdered minerals – prepared through a patented process for a range of health, agricultural, energy and water management uses – to correlate changes in the nanoscale structure to observed improved product performance.


Analysis using the Small and Wide Angle X-Ray Scattering (SAXS/WAXS) beamline identified the unique structures of Calix’s minerals, at a characteristic length scale of about six nanometres, and showed that the structures’ total surface area, including pores and internal chambers, changed in a predictable and controllable manner during production.


The research confirmed Calix’ patented techniques provide consistent and reliable production control over the nano-structures and confirm a measurement technique that can be used to correlate the nanostructures in the particles to the observed bioactivity of Calix products, aiding the development of powdered products to limit the spread of pathogens across biologically-sensitive industries in a way that is safe to humans and animals.


  Read the full case study

Joint development of Myrtle Springs operations

with Archer Exploration Limited.


28 July 2016


Calix is pleased to announce execution of an MOU regarding joint development of its Myrtle Springs operation with Archer Exploration Limited (, ASX: AXE).


The non-binding MOU outlines the broad terms under which the parties will work together towards a binding Supply Agreement that will enable Archer to move more quickly to develop its business, whilst at the same time provide Calix with mining synergies.