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In 2005, farmed shrimp was a 10.6 billion industry, with a production growing at an approximate rate of 10 percent annually - one of the highest growth rates in aquaculture.


Results from both Pacific White Shrimp and Tiger Prawns show that AQUA-Cal+™ has a superior performance and economic benefit to the farmer compared to probiotics.


Vannamei and Monodon culture in both lined and earthen ponds have shown astounding results:

  1. Shrimp were found to be healthier and bigger with a body darker in colour;
  2. Cooked shrimp were found to be tastier, more meaty and presentable.


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Our AS/NZS ISO 9001 certified quality system and safety, health and environmental management system are vital elements of our engineering and quality services.


Calix has established a network of local distributors and partners who can deliver ACTI-MagTM across Australasia, to ensure you receive excellent customer service and support, wherever you are located. 


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