A World Leader in Developing Innovative Sustainable Technology

Calix Limited is an Australian minerals processing and carbon capture technology company. We are developing the next-generation minerals processing and carbon capture systems. What’s exciting about this technology is that it is a single platform that has a diverse range of applications that are of immense importance to our economy. Dr Mark Sceats, Calix Chief Scientific Officer. 

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Using our unique, proven and proprietary processes, we offer a new approach that provides significant benefits to customers and partners in industries as diverse as Agriculture, Building & Construction, Energy and Water. Our products offer performance gains in all these areas, as well as substantial opportunities to reduce CO2 emissions.

Calix is an unlisted Australian public company with over 200 shareholders including local and international investors. Founded in 2005, Calix has committed more than $40 million to commercialise its unique and proprietary technologies and processes.

Today, Calix is moving into full-scale production through its own facilities and in conjunction with partners. Calix is an integrated company owning mineral resources, processing facilities and joint ventures with downstream product manufacturers. This enables Calix to manage the full production lifecycle, from the extraction of minerals through to their processing and sale as final products. Read more >>