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Energy from biogas produced from anaerobic digestion of wastewater sludge is a powerful source of renewable energy. 


Anaerobic digestion is the biological process which converts organic matter from various feedstocks into biogas.


The management of alkalinity and the control of pH are the two key parameters in maximising the economics of biogas generation from anaerobic systems. Municipal wastewater usually contains a good amount of alkalinity to support the biological conversion of organic waste. However, in some cases, the addition of an alkali is needed to maintain optimum bacterial growth conditions.


A case study conducted on a piggery farm showed ACTI-MagTM provided more alkalinity on an equal weight basis than hydrated lime and caustic soda, lowering chemical consumption and ensuring easier use, handling and storage of chemicals.


ACTI-MagTM  also showed a significant increase in biogas volume compared to the other alkali:

  • Biogas volume increased by 20%
  • Power generation increased by 23.5%
  • Soluble phosphate reduced by 37.5% in the final waste stream
  • H2S level reduced from 800-600 ppm range to below the 200 ppm level

Click on the whitepaper or video below for more details on this case study.


With a combination of wastewater and engineering expertise, Calix can help you with your biogas project, from the assessment your current situation and specific needs to the implemention and dosing of ACTI-MagTM into your system. Contact us now and get the best use of your wastewater as a resource.


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